Jul 4, 2013

Taming A Beast (Juki Serger)

I hardly can keep my hands away from my new toy as it makes me soooo happy and... a bit overwhelmed. In fact, when I was totally tangled up between all threads and loopers earlier today, a thought passed my mind telling me that it might have not been the best idea to start learning serging all by myself. 
Juki MO 735
Juki MO 735 a.k.a. the Beast

I am an absolute beginner, you know. I've never used a serger before. I've never even saw someone use it in real life (except videos). Admittedly, I did not even have a class or smth when I bought it. It was me who dragged my new Juki out of a box and is now trying to figure it all out. I mean, how hard can it be? If my beloved Juki (no.1) has a thread and a needle, what's the big difference if that one has up to 5 threads?.. 
Juki MO 735 threading diagram
A threading chart - it makes sense only after some time

The one advice I can give to a person who is in the same situation as me (taming a serger with a zero knowledge of things) is to read a manual. I'm not joking - read the manual! I've read it from cover to cover, googled around some harder things, watched Youtube videos and only then started putting my fingers to Juki's insides. It worked pretty well as I managed to get some real stitching and my machine purrrrs. I still hope that I'll be able to figure everything out. 

  • I spent whole first day (okay, first half day, as it arrived in the afternoon) learning to thread this beast.
  • I spent whole second day learning to transform it to coverstitch (yup, it's serger and coverstitch all in one, like a Transformer) back and forth.
  • And I plan to spend all day tomorrow playing up with tensions and differential feeds and... Oh, I just won't stop playing. My Juki no.1 must feel lonely. 
I know it sounds a bit much but I'm totally into giving my machines names. My first one was just a dear Juki (my sewing machine, we kinda kept a name given by her birth parents). Now, when a second Juki (serger) is napping right by her, it seems confusing to have Juki and Juki. Or Juki no.1 and Juki no.2. Ah well, I'll figure smth out. 
Juki MO 735 threading
Juki MO 735 threading - scary but manageable if one follows instructions

I guess we'll see in the future what I'll be be able to achieve with it but for now I'm pretty sure it she and I will be best friends!

Diclaimer: all images are from Juki official site and used for demonstration purposes only. You know, a real deal is currently napping and I'll take her pictures other day. To tell the truth, I'm so much into using it that photography seems so not interesting, haha.

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  1. Whoa! that's a cool machine. I totally agree with you on reading the manual. But it's doable on your own. That's how I learned too. Some months ago I compiled a list of maintenance tricks for the serger. I have a Bernina which is made by the same people who make Jukis so if you have any questions just ask http://bombardone.com/sewingprincess/2013/04/sergeroverlocker-care-and-maintenance-avoiding-expensive-repairs-manutenzione-taglia-e-cuci-come-evitare-di-romperla/