Hey you, mysterious beautiful person,

So you are curious what have you wandered into, aren't you? :) "Callas Bloom at Night" is my personal little space in the net, created with the intention to express myself and reflect my current life through written down thoughts and experiences. I really want to have this blog as a diary/memoir which would serve as an excellent source to reflect over on the passing years.

I wish that one day this blog will be recognized by other people as well, as a source for inspiration to embrace their own lives; and as a reminder to live authentically and appreciate their own victories.

I've divided this blog into 3 sections (with their own sub-sections): living, sewing and adoring. "Living" is dedicated to the most personal stuff, which includes my thoughts about life as it is, as well as my own experiences which I bump into my daily basis. "Sewing" is all about the favorite hobby of mine and all the things related to it (you might have guessed it, haha). "Adoring" is a section to share everything that is so damn beautiful, inspiring and worth remembering. I hope that anyone who is interested only in a certain stuff can find his/hers way around the blog and reading only that content which is relevant to him/her.

Who am I? Here I present myself with my pseudonym Victoria Callas. I can describe myself as: introverted, passionate about life, rather complicated, dreamer, having creative nature, etc. girl. My biggest passion is People, especially their own life stories just the way they understand and live them. I'm also crazy about the sewing, dogs, psychology, art, beauty products, etc. Oh, and I'm very curious person, constantly finding myself digging into the vast variety of subjects. The world is such an interesting place to live in!

For those who are interested in basic facts: 
  • Victoria is my real name (Viktorija, to be exact);
  • I live in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius (and English is my second language as I'm Lithuanian);
  • I'm in my 20s;
  • I have a degree in psychology;
  • I have quite broad spectrum of interests: dogs, sewing, fashion, cooking, home decorating, everything DIY, psychology, books, travelling, movies, make up, etc.
If you have any questions, comments or simply want to say Hi - do not hold yourself back and express yourself here, connect with me on social sites (see a pics on your right?.. I'd love to be friends!) or e-mail me at callas.at.night [eta] gmail.com! I'd love to hear from you :) 

Sincerely Yours, 
Victoria Callas

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